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Living with Rosacea:

Here are two wonderful websites with lots of helpful hints to battle rosacea.  Feel free to check them out.

Natural Rosacea Treatment at Rosacea-Ltd IV

Lifestyle Recommendations
at the International Rosacea Foundation

While rosacea is impossible to cure at this time 'so people say', however, it is quite possible to alleviate rosacea symptoms. Rosacea occurs for so many reasons including: heredity, stress, alcohol consumption, overheating, overcooling, etc.  Here are some foolproof LIFESTYLE changes to help you overcome rosacea, etc. Importantly, there are LIFESTYLE changes... these are something you should so every day.  Once a year, once a month, or even once a week with not aid you at all in your pursuit to get rid of rosacea flare-ups.  Suffering from rosacea is serious.  Here are some tips.

Stress is a fundamental cause of rosacea. You can combat stress by changing your situation, your attitude toward people and things (we can learn to be positive), and taking the personal time out to have fun and friendship. Sleep eight hours or more per night to help alleviate stress. Caffeine, being a stimulant, can make you hyper and cause difficulty in sleeping.

Drink a lot of water. You can never have enough. Rosacea flushing occurs when your body is overheated. Cool your body off. Rosacea flares up when you're hot. Treat yourself to a ice cold glass of water. Eight glasses of water a day is what a doctor would recommend for you to drink. We recommend you drink more. Hydration is a very important factor in combating rosacea. You can never have to much. Water helps to flush your system and help your body fight rosacea's effects.

Avoid stimulants. Caffeine, nicotine, drug use, etc. All of these things effect our brains AND our bodies. .. even alcohol. Rosacea can thrive on what we consume.

Avoiding the sun as much as possible is also important in reducing rosacea. It's common knowledge that excessive sunlight is bad for the skin and can even cause cancer. Sunlight also triggers rosacea flushing. The sun irritates rosacea even when you use sun block with a SPF of 45. Your skin will look better if you avoid sun burning and tanning, and the resulting wrinkling. Rosacea sufferers must be careful of such exposure. If you sunbathe, cover your face entirely.

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